Solutions through Mediation


Solutions through Mediation. A Professional, Multidisciplinary Approach to Dispute Resolution
Bridging the Divide
About Us

Welmoet Bok* is a registered clinical psychologist and mediator. She has been in private practice in Wynberg, Cape Town, since 1995. She has had extensive experience in couple counselling and in family conflict resolution. Her other areas of special interest include Health Psychology and the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. Welmoet is a proud mother and grandmother and she lives in Simonís Town with two very special Shepherd dogs.

Elmarie Neilson* qualified as a mediator more than a decade ago and believes passionately that any conflict can be resolved through mediation. She is also a qualified facilitator and has practiced as an attorney for more than 23 years. As far as she knows, she is the only mediator who mediates disputes among heirs or would-be heirs in deceased estates.

Peter Torrington is a practicing advocate and a member of the Cape Bar. In addition, he is a qualified mediator, facilitator and arbitrator in both commercial and family disputes. His children think that he is actually Superman.


* Indicated members are FAMAC Accredited